Tackling the Ballot…Pat Fallon Invites Lou Holtz to Speak on his Campaign

We Are Celina!

CELINA Magazine is the only publication that distributes 10,000+ copies to households and businesses in Celina and surrounding areas. CELINA Magazine caters to its educated, family oriented, high net worth readers who have a passion for living well. Each issue focuses on Health, Education, Lifestyle, Community Events and businesses, making it the premiere publication in the Celina area.

There is history in the making everyday and Celina was honored to host conservative republican, Pat Fallon, who is currently running for a position in the Texas Senate. Fallon has spent 260 days during the past year knocking on doors, many of which were in  the City of Celina. His aim is to gain a stronger understanding of the needs of the citizens, as well as to secure their vote. Today, Fallon’s campaign held a fundraising event in Celina, the city where football is king…and it featured Hall of Fame Coach Lou Holtz.

As a Notre Dame college football alumni who was coached by Lou Holtz, Fallon flew Holtz from Florida to Celina, Texas where he gave a heartwarming speech about aiming and striving to make a difference in this country. Holtz keyed in on the philosophy that “We can solve anything if enough people care” and used a few football analogies to relate to the crowd. He also pointed out that you have to work hard and work as a team in order to succeed at a common goal and that the choices we make will reflect on how passionate we are about our goals. “Today everyone is talking about their rights and privileges… 20 to 40 years ago everyone was talking about their responsibilities and obligations.”

Carmen Roberts hosted the private event at her home and Tender Smokehouse, located on the Square in Downtown Celina, catered the food. As a show of appreciation for traveling all the way from Florida, Fallon presented Coach Holtz with a pair of hand-made Fengolio boots, customized with the State Seal of Texas. Fallon is currently running for the 2018 Texas Senate seat against 17 year incumbent Craig Estes.

CLICK HERE to watch the presentation by Pat Fallon and the speech made by the legendary Coach Lou Holtz. Cedarbrook Media would like to thank the Pat Fallon Campaign for inviting us to today’s event. #WeAreCELINA



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