Celina First United Methodist Church and Prosper Rotary Club Working Together for Goodness Sake

You may have heard the story recently of Blake Ostrander, a man who due to a tragic train mishap, suffered the loss of his leg from the ankle down. When the Prosper Rotary Club heard of the accident, they partnered with Celina First United Methodist Church to donate a wheel chair and wheel chair ramp to the Ostrander family.

On Saturday March 31, 2018 citizens from both cities joined together to build the ramp that will make things a little easier for Blake.

Rotary Club President, David Huck said, “Our Rotary Club is honored to be able to help this family. We raise funds for local charities through our flag lease program and in addition to helping fund the supplies necessary for the ramp, we were also able to purchase a wheel chair for Blake as well.”

First United Methodist Church member and ramp coordinator Luke Pavlosky said, “This is one more way to reach out to our community and help those in need.”

It’s a  beautiful thing, to see communities and their citizens come together to benefit and meet the needs of a friend in the midst of tragedy.

For more info please visit the Prosper rotary site http://www.prosperrotary.org.


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