Vote FOR the Bond

By Pam Peters, PAC Chairman

We are Celina! We support our Kids. We support our Schools. We enthusiastically support the bond going before the Celina ISD voters on May 4th, and we encourage the citizens of Celina to vote FOR our Celina kids and their schools in this important election. Here’s why:

  • The district tax rate will not increase with the passage of this bond. That means your taxes will not go up as a result of the bond passing. Property values do increase taxes, but that can happen with or without a bond election.
  • The next commonly asked question is:  If my taxes won’t increase then how is the bond debt paid back? The answer: It is paid back by the fact that our tax base grows from every new home and neighborhood built. With a growing tax base, the debt to build new schools is spread over more years, much like the refinancing of a home that spreads the cost over more time, so the payment doesn’t go up. 
  • The bond includes expanding Celina High School to accommodate 3,000 students and will preserve Celina as a one high school town for the foreseeable future. Beyond 10 years, it’s likely the feeder pattern will have to shift to multiple high schools given the large land mass in Celina.
  • There is built-in protection in approving a bond package. Voting for the bond simply authorizes the school district to sell bonds to fund new facilities as needed. The bonds will be sold only as the growth happens. If the growth doesn’t come as fast as planned, the debt won’t be incurred. An example is the new multi-purpose facility under construction now with bond money approved by the voters back in 2006 and 2008. The school district had to wait years for the market conditions to make it possible to access the funds.
  • This bond will cover projected growth over 10 years, so the district won’t have to go to the voters multiple times. 
  • Celina’s student population is projected to double in the next 5 years and then double again the following 5 years. By 2028, 12,000 students are projected to attend Celina schools. 
  • The passing of the bond will allow the district to begin design and construction of Celina’s 3rd elementary school on the west side of town in Cambridge Crossing, projected to open in the Fall of 2021. This will help keep portable buildings to a minimum. If this bond doesn’t pass, new schools will be delayed, and many students will be in modular buildings and portables.  
  • Bond money can also be used for land acquisitions, renovations of existing facilities, equipment, land and school buses all of which have been planned for in this 10-year growth plan.

Our passion to support this bond goes back to what is best for kids.  Our Celina ISD kids and their teachers need new schools. Early voting will take place at the Celina Administration building April 22 – 30.  Election Day is May 4. Support Celina Kids – Support Celina Schools – Vote FOR the bond!

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