CELINA Person of the Year

Congratulations to the following individuals who have been nominated for Celina Person of the Year 2018! Each of these impressive people have contributed to the Celina community in a positive way and although they would never ask for the recognition, we want to celebrate them. It’s because of people like them that Celina is such an amazing place to live, work and raise a family.

Loretta Francis

Loretta has made a significant impact on the young girls and athletes that grow up in our wonderful town. She has been there for these girls in all aspects of their lives. The students and athletes that have been influenced by her are truly bless and thankful to have had her as a mentor.

John Carter

John, a long-time Celina resident, has been an integral part of the Celina community through his plumbing company – North Texas Custom Plumbing, as well as his charitable work throughout the years. John’s children graduated from Celina High School and his connection to the community remains strong. It’s hard to find honest, hard working plumbers that provide fair prices for their services. John has a big hear and has quietly helped several Celina residents in their time of need. He is a sponsor of the Celina Barbarian Rugby team, an active member of the Celina Chamber of Commerce, supports the Celina Football team and coaching staff. He is the perfect representation of Celina.

Melissa Cromwell

Melissa is the heart of the Celina community! Everywhere you look around town, you will find her…at the games, at the events, supporting our businesses. She does more for our community than anyone can even imagine. As the Celina Chamber President, Melissa is the epitome of what this city values most – faith and family! She is the hardest working person I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, and will do anything to help people in the community!

Bill Elliott

Bill is very involved in the community through school and church. He is a son, husband and father. He mentors kids every day and when warranted, he sometimes must parent them as well. He has been a coach in Celina for 26 years. He loves our community, what it represents and all of the tradition here. He puts in so much work, but never forgets his family. He tries to teach all of his players how to be great young men and to be good Christians, along with how to be a good football player. Whenever there is a need in the community, Coach Elliott will get his players and they will go do what is needed.

Corbett Howard

Corbett has devoted his life to our community. He served as the Mayor of Celina from 2002 to 2008. He also served as the Director of the Celina Economic Development Corporation for the last 10 years. He has been an integral part of the growth that our town has seen over the last 15 years. He has a vision for the future and is determined to make sure that our community is the most successful it can possibly be. He has tried to stay ahead of the growth and prepare our city for success. We are lucky to have him in Celina!

Justin Steiner

There are so many great things about Justin and what he’s done for Celina. He is currently the Chairman of the Board for the Celina Chamber of Commerce and has a passion for the growth of Downtown Celina. He has even gone so far as to open a mortgage branch on the Square. He is supportive of all of the businesses in our city and lives his life by the Golden rule…he treats everyone the way he wants to be treated. He is a family man who loves his family and loves his town.

  1. Online Voting at WeAreCelina.com will run from 1/1/2019 – 1/22/2019. Each email address will be allowed ONE vote.
  2. The winning nominee will be photographed and will be asked to complete a short questionnaire about what Celina means to them. This will be included in the February issue of CELINA Magazine.
  3. The WINNER will be featured on the cover of CELINA Magazine in February and will receive a commemorative plaque for their contribution to the community.




Congratulations to Starla Martin, CELINA’S PERSON OF THE YEAR 2017!!


“My life began in a quiet Texas town outside of Austin called Burnet. However, “quiet” does not accurately describe my upbringing. My family was crazy about two things: God and football. We were religious in both. My sweet mama and daddy loved me and my sister so well and taught us both so much. I loved my time in Burnet and was involved in many extracurricular activities.

After graduation, I made a new home at Texas State University, graduating Cum Laude in Elementary Education. My first years of teaching were in Mesquite, where I simultaneously took classes at Texas A&M Commerce, earning a Masters in School Counseling.

My final move was to Celina as an elementary school counselor while pursuing a Masters in School Administration. I am currently serving my sixth year as Principal at Celina Elementary. Only two short weeks after moving here, Jordan Martin stumbled into my life. He quickly won me over with his charm, and we will soon celebrate our 10th year of marriage. We have four wonderful, rowdy boys: Jett, Jagger, Judd, and Jase, all of whom make me feel every bit of my age.

What do I love about Celina? The people. This community is full of genuine, caring individuals who continue to put others before themselves. Celina is rich in tradition and pride. The school district and community have a strong partnership and are like-minded when it comes to our youth. All decisions made are in the best interest of the youth and future generations, while respecting those before us and preserving the foundation of what makes Celina so special. There is not another town like it!! It’s the best!

What is my vision for Celina? I am aware of the projection of growth and some of the future developments, but it is hard for me to assimilate or visualize. With growth comes opportunity. It is an exciting time for Celina. Change is hard, but often times it is inevitable. I know the school district and city are working diligently on a ten year+ plan to be proactive and prepared, so I feel we are in good hands.

How did I feel when I heard the news about my nomination? Wow!! One morning I was lying in bed scrolling through Facebook when I noticed the link one of my friends had shared. I clicked on it link and proceeded to read through the names. It was a very emotional moment for me as I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Some of the other nominees are dear friends of mine that definitely deserve this recognition. I am humbled and honored to be nominated for Person of the Year.



Marcy Lykins

Marcy is an inspiration to all who meet her. I would call her a hero. She selflessly has given to the children, parents and teachers of Celina ISD. She always has a smile on her face while all the time in constant pain due to cancer. I don’t think there is a person who has met her that would disagree that she should be the person of the year.


Leigh Booth

Leigh didn’t even know me and came to my house in Anna and helped me pack up my household items & helped us move to Prosper. She is a single mom but her number 1 priority are her two children. She will help anyone who needs it. She is providing a very strong and loving home for her children. My husband and I have the greatest respect for her. Please consider her, she is a very well-grounded Lady!


Kira Merritt

I nominate Kira Merritt for Person of the Year 2017. Kira works for the Celina Spirit Shack and works tirelessly even on her days off and after her designated hours to create spirit wear for the town of Celina to support their beloved Bobcats. She creates unique designs and does amazing work but Kira doesn’t just work there. Kira attends the games and pep rallies, gets to know the families and truly supports and cheers on the students of Celina ISD. Kira doesn’t have any children but she does have a niece and nephews who are in Celina Schools. It seems everyone in town knows her and loves her and hollers her name as they proudly wear their spirit wear. A lot of the kids drop in just to say Hi to her and even bring her snacks when they see her car parked out front. She’s a great role model and favorite Aunt to those kids and they all love and respect her so much. The moms and teachers in town come to her for cute and trendy fashion advice knowing she will make fun recommendations and the dads and coaches know that she’ll hook them up too with sporty and comfortable gear. She’s developed a relationship with this town and people stop in to share their lives with her. She has a huge heart and is their biggest cheerleader!


Chris Carter

Chris is the Senior Pastor of Movement Church located in downtown Celina Square. He has led the church in its first full year into great success and has guided our participation in many events for the community in 2017. He leads the church participation in virtually all Celina community events, including Trick-or-Treat and Christmas on the Square. Additionally, he volunteers often as a Family Encourager at Grace Bridge. With all of that, he continues to be an active and loving father to his 3 children. He is an outstanding role-model, inspires many others become the best person they can be, and is determined to spread the love of Christ to everyone he comes across.


Jack Ousley

Jack is always setting up fun events and helping out people around town. He’s always there when you need him and is very helpful and kind. Maxine Ousley lived in Celina for many years and taught dance in a studio behind her home. Jack was very close to his grandmother and in 2010, we moved to Celina because of all the wonderful memories he had every single time he visited her. Since we moved to Celina, Jack has dedicated his time and talents to the city in every capacity. He is chairman of the Main Street Board and volunteers for all the wonderful events the city hosts. Jack is also in Real Estate and loves to purchase old homes downtown and restoring them. Celina has always been a special place to Jack, his goal will always be to be a part of the growth while remembering the wonderful qualities of a small town. It may be that only his family knows how much heart and soul Jack puts into his work on behalf of improving Celina and its citizens. No one loves Celina more than Jack and his work with Main Street is a testament to that and the legacy of his ancestors, Celina founders and residents since the 1850’s. Jack has a phenomenally soft heart for Celina. He gives a tremendous amount of his time and effort with Main Street and his other civic endeavors. His family is woven into the history of Celina and with Jack, it shows.


Starla Martin

Starla’s heart for the community is big and generous. She is constantly thinking of others, especially the children. Behind the scenes planning to help less fortunate, cooking dinners for sick, providing clothes, food, love, counsel to needy families, while leading by example her staff at Celina elementary. Her involvement in this community and her commitment to service to others makes her deserving…. she is humble and beyond a doubt a perfect Person of the Year.


Erin Farahani

She has been a practicing chiropractor in Celina for almost 21 years. She is a big part of many people’s lives and has made a positive impact on our community. She deserves it!


Cody Kincaid

Cody Kincaid has shown exceptional skills as one of the newest members of the Celina PD force. He has been a part of the community for 17 years going to school here working here and now working on the Celina Police Department. Sacrificing his time and service for the community.


Dr. Kevin and Stephanie Shelton

Dr. Shelton and his wife Stephanie have established a fast-growing family medical profession in the Celina area. He and his wife Stephanie have given unselfishly of their time to the community of Celina. They have been actively involved with their children in giving to the Celina community and schools. They came to the Celina area a little over 7 years ago with a dream to provide for the medical needs of the community. They started the Shelton Family practice in a small house on the South side of town, and kept their faith that they had found a community that they could call home. Currently in the 2-story house located next to the Celina Drugs Pharmacy, they have continued to believe in the Celina community and very soon are opening a new larger facility to meet the fast-growing needs of the Celina community. They are an exemplary example of the new face that change is bringing about to Celina. I am proud to nominate them for Celina Person of the Year.


Benjamin Aune

Mr. Aune has been supremely impactful in Celina this year. He was hired as the Director of Bands at Celina High School last spring and immediately dove in ready to rebuild a dying program this summer. He has not only doubled the number of students in the band. He has reignited a fire in these students for music. He began a school Color Guard Team for the High School which has grown enough to be able to form a Winter Guard Team. The band competed at the UIL Marching Contest this fall receiving superior ratings. He has worked with Coach Elliott, Cheerleaders, and Las Gatitas to create the most school spirited football experience including community parades and pep rallies. He awed veterans at the community Veterans Day Program by conducting the band and choir along with Mr. Wilson in an Armed Forces Salute Medley which received a standing ovation. Most currently he is conducting select band members to play live music for the Celina High School Theater Department’s production of the Wizard of Oz. Mr. Aune coordinates efforts for many community events such as Celina’s own Christmas on the Square. He holds before school rehearsals, teaches all day at Celina High School and Junior High, and holds after school rehearsals. He should most definitely be considered for this honor.


Jill Roza

I nominate Jill Roza for Celina’s person of the year. Jill works for Celina ISD and wears many hats.


Jason Aune

Jason is a local Realtor in Collin Co and the Chairman of the Celina Ducks Unlimited Chapter #315. Jason started the Celina Chapter Ducks Unlimited in 2017 where he and a Committee of Celina Locals held the first annual Celina Ducks Unlimited Banquet on 8/26/17. The Banquet was held at Hauk Pools in Celina had over 250 attendees and raised over $40,000 for Ducks Unlimited and Water Conservation.


Cleve Rasor

If you live in Celina you know who Cleve Rasor is! Not only is he a 5th generation Collin County resident but he was born and raised in Celina. Cleve has owned Rasor Insurance right here in Celina for over 20 years. I have known Cleve for the entire 12 years my family and I have lived in Celina. If there was a networking group or event you can bet Cleve would be there and no business card needed because you know who he is. Cleve and I have talked with well over 5 years about me coming to work for him and well it took me a long time to say yes and finally last April I said yes. My statement now is why did I not come over sooner?! Cleve is a great boss, business owner, insurance agent and resident of Celina.

Ben & Kat Rogers

This is a couple instead of a person because they contribute together in our community from organizing a fundraiser for a neighbor in Light Farms to donating time, influence and resources to nonprofits (like Cornerstone NCT) in the area – they care about people and serving them. Staples in the Celina community, the nomination should go to them as a couple – they are a great team!


Sean Terry

Sean does so much behind the scenes that most people don’t even realize. Yes, he’s the Mayor, but he does things that are above and beyond his civic duties. His heart is true to Celina and there’s nobody more deserving than him!

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